The Longevity Of Hard Drives Explained

Your Computer's Hard Drive Can Fail

Your Computer’s Hard Drive Can Fail

Backblaze, a cloud computing and data backup company based in California, conducted a research about the longevity of hard drives. Their research found three things. First, that the annual failure rate of hard drives within the first 1.5 years from the date of purchase is 5.1%. Second is that the annual failure rate of hard drives drops to 1.4% until its third year. And third, that the annual failure rate of hard drives increases to 11.8% during its fourth year.

The findings above reflect three things. First, that manufacturing, shipping, and initial use of hard drives contribute to its failure during its first couple of years. Second, that usage increases the probability of a hard drive failure in the last couple of years of its existence. And third, that hard drives relatively last for at least three years. So what causes the failure? We have a few listed below.

Mechanical Failure

Prevent Mechanical Failure

Prevent Mechanical Failure

If the parts that make the hard drive functional are damaged, the failure is mechanical. This includes head crash or the breakdown of the different “discs” that makes data storage and retrieval possible. Mechanical failure is often detectable, especially in desktops since you’ll hear a strange sound like grinding, scraping, clanking, beeping, or clicking. If such problem goes undetected, data lost is often unrecoverable through ordinary means until taken to a cleanroom.

Electronic Failure

Hard drives contain a common part called the circuit board. The circuit board is responsible for making the components of the computer and the hard drive communicate in a synchronized manner. The circuit board is also where the read/write heads (RW) are located. Often, the cause of electronic failure in hard drives is overheating. Keeping your hard drive in a well-ventilated area is necessary. Also, don’t keep the hard drive exposed under any conductors like metals and even under the sun.

Logical Failures

Logical failures come in two forms: corrupted information and media fatigue. First, corrupted information pertains to the information stored on the hard drive. This can happen if accidental formatting occurs within the drive, if important critical files or important keys are deleted, or if the files get infected by a virus or a malware.

Media fatigue relates to usage over time. Logically, as in all devices, the more we continue to “wear” them, the greater “tear” they experience. So physical deterioration also happens not only on the external properties of the hard drive, but also the internal “machines” or parts that make it work. This occurs most especially in the platters or discs that continuously spin when you store, retrieve, or edit information.

Avoid Corrupted Information In Your Hard Drive

Avoid Corrupted Information In Your Hard Drive

In summary, there are several factors in play that affect the longevity of hard drives. That means proper care is still needed in order for you to not affect the longevity of your device. And because the internal parts are something that you don’t have control over, it is best to save your information on various devices or even on the cloud. If you lost date, you can send your device over to companies who offer data recovery services.

Break Ups Are Not The End Of The World

No Doubt Breakups Are Hard To Go Through

No Doubt Breakups Are Hard To Go Through

Break ups are a heart breaking affair especially for those kinds of people who thought that they are in love. When someone is going through a break up, all they need is a friend who can make them laugh and take their mind off of the break up completely. If your friend just went through a break up and you have no idea how you can console him/her, maybe these points below will help.

1. Bring positivity in

Help them focus on one day at a time and encourage them that they will be able to get out of this very soon. Talk about things that they used to enjoy doing. For instance, if they used to love playing sports or ice skating, or watch a movie, you could probably take them there where they can take their mind off things.

2. Spend time

Reach Out To A Friend For Help

Reach Out To A Friend For Help

Make sure that you are spending enough time with them so that they never feel alone. Try to be there for them whenever they call you, even if it is an odd hour. When you spend time like this, they might open up to you and feel better about their problems, or it can even take a lot of time till they start talking. Keep asking them if they feeling any better today, but make sure that you are not coming off as a pushy person. When they start talking to you, try and listen and voice out your opinion as well but be sure to not say things like, “he/she was never worth it” or “just forget about him/her” because this will trigger it all the more. While spending time, maybe you could respect them and switch your phone off or turn it on silent just so that you can give your 100% to them.

3. If you think that your friend is going through serious depression

  • Help them earn their self respect back.
  • Make sure that they do not try and take revenge, tell them that by just ignoring it makes them a better person.
  • Encourage them to accept the fact and start moving on to their new life.

If you do all the above and after that your friend lashes out on you and tells you to mind your business, that does not mean that you should back off. Try giving them some space and go back to them. They need you more than you need them. Give them their space; once time has passed they will talk to you.

Getting Over A Breakup Takes Time

Getting Over A Breakup Takes Time

Always make sure that you are always there for your friend in a situation like this. Break ups can lead to severe heart pain and depression and you do not want your fiend to take a drastic step just because you were not there to support. Keep telling them that you are there for them, that way they at least know that there is someone out there who cares.

Everyone Deserves To Be Bold And Beautiful

There Is No Need To Choose Between Being Healthy And Being Beautiful

There Is No Need To Choose Between Being Healthy And Being Beautiful

By being fit you not only look good but you also feel good. When you are fit, you tend to feel physically good as well as emotionally. Your self-esteem becomes higher and you feel more confident about yourself. You need to be very patient about losing weight because it can be a very slow process. People more than exercising are into weight loss pills. These supplements help to decrease the appetite and do not allow the fat to enter into the body.

There are many experts in this field who do not recommend some of the weight loss supplements because there is no evidence that they can find. Some supplements like Ephedra, can cause heart attacks. But there are some weight loss supplements that have evidence and are also recommended. Here are some of them.

    1. Calcium

    When you think of calcium, it immediately makes you think about your bone health. But surprisingly, calcium also acts as a weight loss supplement. However, you should do a little bit of your own research to be absolutely sure about this.

    2. Conjugated Linoleic Acid

    Make Changes In Your Diet

    Make Changes In Your Diet

    You will this in dairy shops in very small amounts. This might work for weight loss but be careful before you take it because it can also lead to side effects. Studies have proven that this supplement helps you decrease the body weight and increase the lean body mass. However, experts are still trying to find more evidence on this to be absolutely sure. If you are using this supplement for weight loss, be sure first to talk to your doctor and only if he recommends it should you be consuming it.

    3. Fiber

    People who desperately want to lose weight always lean on Fiber. It helps in losing all that excess baggage and helps you to decrease your appetite. Experts have proved that obese people who consumed fiber have not consumed a lot of food throughout the day. Their appetite has actually shrunk. When using this supplement, be sure to go slow on it when you are starting out because it can lead to side effects if not taken proper care.

    4. Replacing Meals

    Instead of taking pills and what not, you should just replace your food with juice, milk or fruits. If you love salads, you can do a little research online and make the tastiest salads that you have ever eaten. By doing this, you will not feel like you’re missing out on the best meals and you will also lose weight.

    5. Green Tea

    Incorporate Green Tea To Your Diet

    Incorporate Green Tea To Your Diet

    Green tea has been an expert in losing weight. It is also a proven weight loss supplement. When you wake up in the morning and you have a cup of green tea, it will definitely help you lose weight because it flushes out all the bad things in your body and renewing it with healthy things. Green tea is very useful if you have love handles and a big belly. It also helps in lowering blood pressure.

When using weight loss supplements, make sure you talk to your doctor first and let him recommend it to you and also be sure to research a little before consuming anything.

The Potential Risks Of Online Banking

Online Banks Bring Certain Risks

Online Banks Bring Certain Risks

Undeniably, more and more people are using the Internet to do banking transactions despite the high risk. So far, almost all of these online users are very satisfied with the services they got from their respective banks. They have enjoyed fast and reliable transactions and accurate banking statements are always available for them to perform their own financial monitoring on their accounts. Despite the convenience that this online banking has granted to its users, potential risks still inevitably exist.

Reasons of Risky Online Banking Transactions

No matter how the banking system would secure on their end on how they offer services to their account holders, there could still be big chances that the accounts could be hacked by those professional identity thefts. Account holders on their end might be the reason of the leaking of the confidential information that would result in easy access of hackers. Online is just all about links and codes, anyone who could tweak everything could unlock or decode any secured data.
Criminals are always working their own effective strategies to bypass or use proxy sites to unhide those details of account holders. With their great minds, they could possibly create software that could do almost all unlocking procedures online. Since it is only humans designed all those security procedures, there is a possibility that humans of the same intelligence could change by reversal the codes being used.

The high risk of Phishing Scam

Be Aware Of Phishing Scam's

Be Aware Of Phishing Scam’s

Since almost everyone can access the Internet, there is a big possibility that Internet scammers could reveal all those important information of bank account holders. The worst case is when they would be able to know your credit card information and would use your financial benefits for their own good. You will just be surprised when you check your account; you are already drowning in debts.

Why many people are still confident in using online banking

The common reason is convenience. Internet shoppers and bank account holders could not deny that they are enjoying the fast, easy, and comfortable way to do banking online. Paying the bills, purchasing items from online stores, all the spending and earning their money is done online. They have saved themselves from the hassles and stress of going personally to banks just to pay for the monthly bills, suffer heavy traffic and the big risk of bringing cash with them anywhere they go.

Do Online Transactions Safely

Do Online Transactions Safely

Indeed, the good side of online banking can compensate the potential risks. It is up to the person on how he is going to manage well his spending transactions if he would like to do it faster with the help of the Internet banking system, or he wants to go personally to offline banks and stores and spend his money. The risks are everywhere. Between the two, you should weigh things on which is more favorable for you.

You would notice that many people are already having their online account. This is because they have decided automate system that the traditional way. Decide which risk you should take. Banks would only do their part to lessen the risks and provide high security, yet they are not in control of any scamming strategies.

Ecommerce For Buyer-Seller Interactions Is Effective

Ecommerce For Small Business

Ecommerce For Small Business

Have you taken a look at how ecommerce solutions can help you out with handling your online business’ needs? You might be amazed at how it can work if you take a look at what Shoes of Prey has done as it shows how businesses that use buyer-seller interactions can really benefit.
These businesses can use different buyer-seller interaction points to make it a little easier for such transactions to be made the right way. You’ll have to use a program like this to enhance your functionality like what Shoes of Prey has done.

A look at shoes of prey

It used to be that people who wanted to buy shoes would have to go to their local shoe stores at shopping malls and departments stores to find things. This was especially problematic with there being so many different options to choose from among retailers. However, people are buying their shoes online these days to make it easier to handle.

The online revolution has swept its way into the shoe industry. Men and women of all sorts are flocking to websites that sell shoes to find what they want. Part of this involves the way how customers can designer their own shoes.

Ecommerce solutions for places like shoe retailers that focus on buyer-seller interactions can be used to give customers as much control over their shopping experiences as possible. If you see what Shoes of Prey does to make it happen then you’ll see just how effective it can be.

What can the site handle?

There are many things that people can do when they go to the Shoes of Prey site and all of these are reflective of how ecommerce solutions can work in lieu of traditional interactions between people:

Visit Only Secure Sites

Visit Only Secure Sites

  • First, a customer can go to the site, choose a specific shoe style to base a design around and then arrange the shoe based on one’s preferred choice for colors, overlays and assorted accents that go onto the shoes.
  • Second, the height of the heel can be adjusted. It can go from one to six inches depending on the model.
  • Even the toe design can be adjusted. It can be controlled with an open toe arrangement if desired.

Why does this work?

This ecommerce solution is made to make it easier for anyone to find shoes that they truly want while in a comfortable environment. It makes it so the need for buyers to demand such specific things in a physical store is no longer necessary. Instead, a person can ask for a very specific series of adjustments to a shoe to make it more interesting.

This makes it so the interaction will be simplified. The customer goes to the site, tells the site what it wants and the seller then adjusts the order from there. The ecommerce platform that is used here will give the customer control and allow the seller to understand what the buyer wants.

Start Doing Business

Start Doing Business

This just might end up being a change in the way how some places will sell shoes. Even better, it shows just how valuable ecommerce can be for businesses that work with traditional interaction standards. You might be amazed at how well it can run even if the face-to-face interaction that you’d expect is eliminated.